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Logo design Ipswich Suffolk. Your company logo is your stake in the ground, your flag. It says who you are and what values your business stands for. As such, it should be powerful without being over complicated and most importantly, it should make an immediate, lasting impression. By working closely with you Direct Hit Media will come up with the right logo for you.

For successful logo design in Ipswich Suffolk it’s essential that your logo design is resizable and easily transferable across different media during its lifespan. A logo design that looks good on a business card should also look as effective on a billboard or website.

Used throughout your marketing material, including print and digital advertising, it should clearly define the personality of your brand, delivering a clear and simple message.

Typography, icons and colours are combined to distinctly represent your service or product, ensuring the logo has strong appeal for your target audience. Your business may not be remembered for name alone, whereas icons are far more easily imprinted on the mind and consumers frequently choose products or services based on logo recognition.

Logo Life

Your logo must be memorable, versatile and appropriate to your market place, building an emotional connection between you and your clients. It’s important to bear in mind that a trendy typeface or image can soon become outdated, however tempting it may be to follow current fashion.

Be Striking

With creative exploration and attention to detail, we will design an eye-catching logo for you that has longevity and will stand the test of time, ensuring you continue to stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Logo Design

As creators of custom-tailored logo design in Brighton, we take the time to talk to you in depth to fully understand the essence of your brand, enabling us to translate this into a logo that will deliver exactly the right impression.

Logo Power

A logo is a small symbol or design that plays an essential role in the promotion of your business and your brand, distinguishing you from your competitors.

Logo Design Service

Your logo will be a bespoke design featuring unique typography and imagery. Your completed logo will be provided in various formats, ready for both web and print and in high resolution. Following the design of your new logo, you may wish to purchase additional stationery, in the form of letterheads, business cards etc.

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